Type 1 Flat Lid Wireway – Galvanized

(Flat Lid Wireway)

Designed to protect electrical wiring where dust~ dirt~ oil and water are not serious problems Stock inventory sizes from 4x4x12 to 12x12x120 Available without knockouts only Custom sizes and modifications available

  • Specifications

    Manufactured from G90 galvanized steel All sections and fittings are fully open on one side so wires and cables can be laid in along an entire run. No pulling-through of wires or cables is required. Screw cover flat lid with keyhole slots Custom sizes and modifications available

  • Finish

    G90 galvanized steel

  • Industry Standards

    Type 1 – UL 870: Intended for indoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection against limited amounts of falling dirt. RoHS complaint

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